Available KnetMiners and knowledge networks

Description and Features...

About KnetMiner

KnetMiner (with a silent K) stands for Knowledge Network Miner and is a suite of tools to integrate, search and explore large biological knowledge networks. It is used to accelerate gene discovery, decision making and hypothesis generation across species.

Building knowledge networks

Knowledge networks are generated from public and private data using either the free Ondex-KnetBuilder (limited support) or the paid Genestack-KnetBuilder App (web-interface, good support). For more information, visit our wiki and read our paper  Hassani-Pak et al. (2016).

Searching knowledge networks

KnetMiner performs over 70 graph queries to find direct or indirect links between genes and user provided search terms. It is very fast through smart graph-indexing and has features like real-time user feedback and query term suggestions.

Develop your own KnetMiner

The KnetMiner code is open-source and customisable. You can host your own KnetMiner server or use the paid Genestack-KnetMiner Platform to easily deploy a KnetMiner server in the cloud. Contact us  for more information.

Candidate gene prioritisation

The gene ranking algorithm takes into account how specific each evidence concept is to a gene and the frequency of all evidence concepts in a gene-evidence network. We are constantly exploring new ways of ranking genes.

Recently funded Projects

We currently receive funding through an Innovate UK grant to make KnetMiner accessible in Genestack, a BBSRC grant to develop DiseaseNetMiner for crop-pathogen interactions and another BBSRC grant Designing Future Wheat to improve accessibility of wheat data.